N899PP Cessna 182H Skylane

1965 Cessna 182H

Sportsman STOL
Wing Leading Edge Modification
New Paint and Interior

$XXX,000 USD

This 182H is gorgeous. It's got to be one of the aesthetically nicest vintage Skylanes on the market.

There's not one aircraft that "does it all", but many pilots will agree that a Cessna 182 does most everything quite well and economically. Relative to the market, a 182 can be acquired for a reasonable price, it carries a respectable payload, it has a good cruise speed, it can fly slowly when needed, and it fits in as well in the backcountry as it does at the local grass strip or paved runway. The 182 also makes a fantastic platform for serious upgrades in power, as well as in backcountry capabilities - there are many STCs available for the tried-and-true Cessna 182.

N899PP was acquired by its current owner several years ago, and immediately he started the arduous process to bring this 182 up to speed by significantly updating the aircraft and addressing deferred maintenance. Just as the aircraft was completed and in very nice shape, some personal changes dictated that he must hang up his wings and find a new home for this Skylane.

Part of my broker intake process is to do a deep dive into an aircraft's history and logbooks, and to look over the aircraft in detail, taking many pictures to document the process (see Image Gallery below). I was pleased with what I found: the aircraft is very clean, it has no damage history, and it has a striking ramp presence. I was particularly impressed by the fact that a Sportsman STOL kit had recently been installed - that was quickly obvious as I examined the wing root area and leading edges. The Sportsman STOL kit is one of the best modifications that can be made to a Cessna 182, as it provides improved aircraft control at low speeds, lowers stall speed, and most importantly, it provides an additional margin of safety. If you want a fully backcountry-prepared 182, this aircraft is a great candidate.

Please carefully review the detailed, high resolution image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks and important documents.

Aircraft Specifications

Power (Continental O-470-R): 230 HP Recommended TBO: 1500 HRS
Seats: 4 Fuel Capacity (std tanks): 65 GAL
Wingspan: 36.2 FT Height: ~ 8.1 FT
Takeoff Distance (ground roll): 625 FT Landing Distance: 590 FT 
Best Cruise Speed: 141 KTS Rate of Climb: 980 FPM 
Vs (Stall, Clean): <59 KTS Vso (Stall, Dirty): <48 KTS 
Vfe (Max, Flaps Extended): 96 KTS Vne (Never Exceed): 168 KTS 

Specs based on manufacturer and other sources, and are subject to buyer confirmation.

Important Numbers

Born On: 18-Dec-1964
Factory Serial Number: 18255946
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time (TTAF): 5290 hrs
Engine Time Since Major (SMOH): 2080 hrs
Engine Time Since Top Overhaul (STOH): 675 hrs
Engine TBO (Continental O-470-R): 1500 hrs
Prop Hrs Since New (2004 - Hartzell Scimitar 3-blade): 710 hrs
Gross Weight: 2800 lbs
Empty Weight: 1777 lbs
Useful Load: 1023 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Sept 2024
Transponder Cert 91.413 Due: Oct 2024



  • Aircraft based at KPRC Prescott Regional Airport (56 nm NNE of Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • One of the cosmetically nicest 182 Skylanes of its era in existence
  • Professional strip and repaint by Jetcrafters (Safford AZ) in 2023
  • Professionally designed and installed interior by Arturo's (Kingman AZ) in 2022
  • Engine compressions 78/77/78/78/78/78
  • Sportsman Leading Edge Cuff - added safety margin
  • Complete logs from day one, digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • No damage history
  • Minor hail pecks on control surfaces, very difficult to spot
  • Always hangared, no corrosion
  • All ADs c/w

Avionics and Equipment

  • Apollo (Garmin) GX60 GPS/COMM w/ moving map
  • Trio Pro Pilot Autopilot (2-axis)
  • JPI EDM-700 Engine Mgmt System w/ optional fuel flow
  • Narco AT150 w/ ACK A-30 Encoder
  • Garmin GDL82 ADS-B OUT
  • Garmin GDL39 ADS-B IN w/wireless Bluetooth connectivity for ForeFlight etc.
  • PS Engineering PMA6000 Audio Panel w/ 4-place intercom
  • Avionics Master
  • Dual USB Power Ports
  • Stene Sportsman STOL Kit
  • New paint (2023)
  • New interior (2022)
  • Hartzell 3-blade Scimitar prop
  • Cessna front seat shoulder harnesses
  • Avion custom instrument panel and all new wiring and breakers
  • Avion control wheels
  • Whelen LED tail strobe
  • Cessna raised fuel caps
  • Door Stewards
  • Selkirk Glareshield and fiberglass interior panels
  • Stene wingtips and fiberglass split strut cuffs
  • Horizontal Stab Abrasion Boots
  • Bogert power cables
  • Autogas STC

Buyer to verify all avionics and equipment specifications.

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 9/10 The recent repaint of N899PP was a quality job. I examined rivets and did not see any damage or flat spots (as is somewhat common when aircraft are repainted, due to aggressive sanding). The paint has the depth and richness as you would expect with practically brand new paint. The work done by Arturo's out of Kingman AZ is great quality - I saw no hints of poor workmanship. The trim colors pop and look absolutely beautiful (Matterhorn White, Royal Blue, and Deep Red). Most would look at this aircraft and think it's only a few years old. I can imagine this 182 gets a lot of attention on the ramp.

During the detailed walkaround and photo session, I look for any issues in paint and aluminum sheet metal. Since the aircraft was properly prepped for its recent repaint, it was difficult to spot any issues. I did find three nitpicks: a small minor deformation on the left aileron outer trailing edge, the same on the right horizontal elevator on the inner trailing edge, and some minor scratches on the belly portion of the engine cowling (not visible unless you crawl under the aircraft). These nitpicks would not be caught by most people, but must be disclosed in the interest of thoroughness. Please carefully review the detailed Image Gallery below to see these very minor issues.

The plexiglas windshield and windows overall look good. The wheel fairings look nearly new, thanks to the attention they were given during the recent repaint. Tires look good and have sufficient tread.

Engine - The engine is beyond manufacturer's recommended TBO, though with good care, regular maintenance, and a fairly recent top overhaul, the engine has continued to run strong. Latest compressions taken at last annual inspection were all in the high 70s.

Optional Purchase of a Core Engine: Anticipating an eventual overhaul, the owner of the aircraft acquired a separate engine which he had intended to overhaul and replace the current engine. This core engine is optionally available to the purchaser for an additional $20,000 USD. The core allows an aircraft owner to get a head start on the overhaul process by getting the core overhauled while continuing to fly the aircraft with its current engine. Considering that an overhaul is generally a long, multi-month process, this is an opportunity to simplify a future overhaul schedule. Please see the end of the Image Gallery (below) for pictures of the core engine. The core includes an overhauled carburetor, starter and alternator, and also a new magneto harness. The core includes logbooks starting when the case was overhauled (do not have logs back to factory new).

Panel - 8/10 Only a glass panel or more modern instruments would make this panel better. If you're a standard 6-pack type of pilot, this is an ideal setup. The modernized, custom instrument panel from Avion was recently installed and falls in line with the cleanliness of the rest of the new interior. The panel looks very sharp. When the new panel was installed, the owner took the opportunity to utilize new wiring and new circuit breakers. It was done right.

N899PP has a recently installed 2-axis Trio Pro Pilot digital autopilot system, dual NAV/COM radios, one with VFR GPS, and Garmin ADS-B IN and OUT. The ADS-B IN provides Bluetooth connections for use with tablets, ForeFlight, etc. Engine management is made easy with the JPI EDM-700 engine management system which provides CHT and EGT temps for all 6 cylinders, fuel flow, configurable alarms, and lean assist. The EDM-700 also has a data port, allowing you to send engine data out on a regular basis for analysis (a wise option for any piston aircraft). A PS Engineering PMA6000 provides a 4-place intercom for all occupants.

Interior - 9.5/10 When you open the doors of N899PP, you'll catch a whiff of the new leather and carpet - it smells similar to a new car. If you're already accustomed to a 182, you'll also notice that the doors operate more smoothly due to the Door Stewards. Door panels are new and look fantastic.

The recently redone interior is complete. All panels were replaced with Selkirk fiberglass panels. Carpet and headliner are new. The carpet is tightly woven and appears to be very durable. Seat covers are rich, thick leather with fabric inserts. There were no issues or nitpicks that I found while inspecting the interior. The new custom panel really compliments the interior.

Overall - During the pre-listing inspection and the deep logbook/documentation review, no concerning issues were found, inside or out of the aircraft. Aesthetics on this aircraft are grade "A". Paint and interior are very nice, as is the cleanliness of the instrument panel. While an engine overhaul is in this aircraft's future, it is an opportunity to upgrade this 182 to a higher horsepower engine. This 182 with, for example, Air Plains' 300 horsepower conversion, would be a rocket ship and would be one of the most coveted 182s around. On the other hand, taking advantage of the opportunity here to separately purchase the core engine puts a buyer in a great position to continue flying during the overhaul process. In the meantime, this Skylane is immediately ready for its next mission.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Here is a video of a complete walkaround of the aircraft.

Detailed Images
146 High Resolution Images
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Onwer/Seller has a large collection of images of the aircraft prior to the major renovations which were performed in the past several years. These historical images will be included with the sale of the aircraft.

Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.