Aircraft Sales

I want to sell your airplane. Why should you choose me as your Sales Broker?

I have a strong background in General Aviation, and I know how to close the deal.

While many aircraft brokers have commercial or military aviation experience, I am exclusively a General Aviation guy with a lifetime of General Aviation experience, far more than most other brokers. And, my services cost less than many others!

As your Sales Broker, this is what I bring to you:

  • A market analysis of your aircraft, to set the right price and get you top dollar for your aircraft
  • A sales spec webpage to show off your aircraft to buyers
  • Aggressive marketing throughout the U.S. in popular advertising spaces
  • Prompt engagement of potential buyers
  • Negotiation, on your behalf, with the buyer or the buyer's broker
  • Management of the purchase process, including a formal sales agreement with the buyer, establishing escrow account and services, and completion of FAA paperwork

I will work with you and manage the entire process, from valuation to closing. A standard listing agreement with me spans 6 months. The listing fee is dependent on aircraft sales price and is lower than nearly all of my competition.

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