Aircraft Sales

I want to sell your airplane. Why should you choose me as your Sales Broker?

I have a strong background in General Aviation, and I know how to close the deal.

While many aircraft brokers have commercial or military aviation experience, I am exclusively a General Aviation guy with a lifetime of General Aviation experience, far more than most other brokers. And, my services cost less than most others!

My deep involvement in the aviation community, and my reputation for being an honest and trustworthy broker, help me locate buyers for your aircraft.

As your Sales Broker, this is what I bring to you:

  • A market analysis of your aircraft, to set the right price and get you top dollar for your aircraft
  • A detailed and often complimented, web-based spec page to show off your aircraft to buyers
  • Professional scanning of all logbooks and documents, bound into separate PDF books, made available on the cloud to potential buyers
  • Aggressive marketing throughout the U.S. on both traditional media and social media
  • Prompt engagement of potential buyers
  • Negotiation, on your behalf, with the buyer
  • Management of the purchase process, including sales agreement, set up of escrow account and services, and completion of required FAA forms

While I appreciate the ongoing opportunities to assist Sellers outside of Arizona, I limit my clientele to the State of Arizona. This ensures that I have an opportunity to evaluate and get to know, in person, the aircraft that I will represent.

I'm not paid until your airplane sells.
Listing agreements span 6 months.

Can I help you sell your aircraft?
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