N6754V Mooney M20F

1970 Mooney M20F

Low hours, excellent value,
Classic Mid-Body Mooney

$89,000 USD

N6754V is one of the best overall values on the market today.

The Mooney M20 series has earned its place in General Aviation as having huge "bang for the buck" value. You simply cannot find the speed and performance offered by these sports-car-like, certified aircraft anywhere else for the relatively low price. As the M20 series grew, Mooney aficionados quickly discovered that the backseats were nearly unusable since they offered very little legroom for backseat occupants. Mooney's solution was to add 10 inches of rear seat legroom to a couple of models, and the M20F was the higher-powered version to get stretched. This model not only brought increased cabin room but also added the distinctive 3rd side window. Combined with its fuel-injected 200 horse powerplant, the M20F was the model that helped bring the Mooney lineup into adulthood.

N6754V has been with its current owner for three decades and has been a reliable and terrific aircraft. The owner, a highly skilled ag pilot with half a century of flying experience, flies less often nowadays than ever before, and therefore has decided it's time to find a new home for his Mooney. If you are seeking the highly sought after M20F, and if you can appreciate the patina offered by this original paint scheme, then N6754V is a low time, attractive option.

Please carefully review the detailed image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks.

Performance Specifications

Horsepower (IO-360-A1A): 200 HP Stall Speed (Vso): 54 KIAS
Cruise Speed: ~156 KTS Rate of Climb: 1050 FPM
Fuel Burn: ~12 GPH Ceiling: 17,900 FT
Fuel Capacity (2 wing tanks - no bladders): 64 Gal Range: ~735 NM 

Important Numbers

Born On: 5/13/1970
Factory Serial Number: 700054
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time: 3520 hrs
Engine Time Since Overhaul (4/2015): 145 hrs
Engine TBO (Lycoming IO-360-A1A): 2000 hrs
Prop Hrs Since Overhaul (4/2015): 145 hrs
Gross Weight*:  2740 lbs
Empty Weight: 1758.5 lbs
Useful Load: 981.5 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Sep 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Feb 2026


  • Aircraft based at KDVT Deer Valley Municipal (Phoenix, Arizona), 16 nautical miles NNE of Phoenix Sky Harbor
  • Original paint, kept in hangar so it looks quite good for its age - paint is thin and faded in some areas (see detailed images below)
  • New interior installed in 2004 (looks newer)
  • April 2015: engine major overhaul, new Hartzell Scimitar prop, and minor repair of belly area due to gear-up landing
  • Engine compressions 75/75/74/72 over 80
  • Complete logs from day one, digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • Always hangared
  • Hail damage in 1993, inspected and deemed cosmetic only - please see detailed images below and logbook entry dated 7/29/93
  • All ADs complied with and well documented

Avionics and Equipment

  • Bendix King KX155 Nav/Com radio
  • KX170 Nav/Com radio (INOP)
  • Garmin Aera 660 yoke-mounted GPS
  • Garmin GTX-335 Transponder with ADS-B OUT
  • Mooney PC (Positive Control) single-axis autopilot
  • King KI209A VOR/Localizer/Glideslope Indicator
  • King KI208 VOR/Localizer Indicator
  • DME (INOP)
  • King KR-86 ADF
  • King KMA 12B Audio Panel
  • Telex PC4 4-place Intercom w/ Aux input
  • Hartzell Scimitar Propeller
  • Knots2U Air Filter STC
  • Tanis Engine Heater

Aircraft Evaluation
An honest, detailed review

Exterior - 6.5/10 If you can appreciate patina and have a healthy respect for 54 yr old original paint that's been well cared for over the years, then you'll agree that this M20F looks good for its age. Paint has definite fading in upper surfaces, but I think the patina looks good!

During my initial evaluation of the aircraft, I noted no sheet aluminum deformations such as hangar rash, except one very minor wave in the aluminum on a trailing edge that is inconsequential. The top, outer surface of the right wing has a minor dent/scrape which is purely cosmetic.

It's a shame that there is some "cosmetic only" hail damage - the majority of it on the control surfaces (this is common since control surface aluminum is thinner than on the rest of the body). Other than on the control surfaces, it's not easily spotted unless you're looking for it. Please examine the detailed, high-resolution images below so that you can see the issues I am describing.

In a couple of other areas around the nose and tail, there is very minor paint chipping, and there is some thin paint on the inner leading edges of the wing and on the cabin roof (typical of the vintage). These areas are insignificant and most would consider it a non-issue. Overall, the exterior looks pretty darn good for original factory paint. Many pilots would appreciate its appearance and not be looking to repaint it anytime soon.

The side Plexiglas windows look good - I did not note any crazing or unusual scratches/blemishes, just typical wear. The tires and suspension "pucks" are new and in great condition.

Panel - 6/10 While not a "modern" panel, this panel has had several upgrades over the years and is in reasonable condition. The aircraft is not currently certified for IFR flight, but it has the instruments and capability, and should be easily converted to a basic IFR aircraft by completing a 91.411 altimeter/encoder/static certification. It wouldn't take much to get this panel into really great IFR shape, simply by adding a GPS navigator and a Garmin G5 or GI-275. Currently, the owner uses the yoke-mounted Garmin Aera 660 GPS and moving map.

Interior - 7.5/10 The interior is in nice shape. The carpet could use a cleaning, but overall it looks good. The leather seats also could use professional cleaning, but are in good shape. The headliner is clean and in good condition, as are the door panels. The interior was replaced in 2004, but it looks like it was done sooner than that.

Overall - The next owner of N6754V is going to be someone who appreciates the factory exterior look, is ok with several exterior blemishes, and appreciates having a fairly new, low-time engine and a low-time, beautiful Scimitar prop. If I was shopping for an efficient, fast, low-hour, complex single, I wouldn't hesitate to buy this M20F for myself.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Here is a video of a complete walkaround of the aircraft.

Detailed Images
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