N144BY Mooney M20J

1977 Mooney "201" M20J

 Garmin IFR, Low Time Airframe and Engine

$127,000 USD

Here's a whole lot of performance, with a nearly new engine and nice avionics, for a great price.

The marketing department at Mooney called this the "Mooney 201" because it had a top speed of 201 mph, but officially this model is known as the M20J. The J model, powered by a fuel injected Lycoming IO-360, represents the M20 series as it was coming to maturity. Mooney incorporated performance mods into the J from the factory (ones that owners of earlier models must pay big money to have installed). Mooney also introduced a much improved panel layout for the J model. No other aircraft on the market compares to the efficiency, speed and value found in an M20J.

During my pre-engagement evaluation of N144BY, my immediate thought was that with a bit of cosmetic attention, this M20J would be absolutely attention-getting plus a well equipped aircraft that would be fun to own and operate. Its low time engine recently came out of Mena Aircraft Engines (a very reputable engine builder), and the aircraft has a respectable IFR instrument panel which includes a Garmin GNC355 GPS Navigator/COM and dual Garmin G5s.

Please carefully review the detailed, high resolution image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks and important documents.

Aircraft Specifications

Power (Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D): 200 HP Recommended TBO: 2000 HRS
Seats: 4 Fuel Capacity (useable): 54.8 GAL
Wingspan: 36.4 FT Height: ~ 8.4 FT
Takeoff Distance (ground roll): 830 FT Landing Distance: 770 FT 
Best Cruise Speed (@12K/2600RPM): 170 MPH Rate of Climb (max@SL): 1375 FPM 
Vs (Stall, Clean): 72 MPH Vso (Stall, Dirty): 66 MPH 
Vfe (Max, Flaps Extended): 132 MPH Vne (Never Exceed): 228 MPH

General specs are amalgamated from various sources and are subject to buyer confirmation. Specific book cruise and climb performance figures are available along with digitized logbooks and other important documents upon request.

Important Numbers

Factory Serial Number: 24-0034
Flight Rules: IFR
Airframe Total Time (TTAF): ~4370 hrs
Engine Time Since Major (SMOH): ~230 hrs
Engine TBO (Lycoming IO-360-A1B6D): 2000 hrs
Prop Hrs Since New (2023 - McCauley 2-blade): 5 hrs
Gross Weight: 2740 lbs
Empty Weight: 1797 lbs
Useful Load: 943 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Mar 2025
Pitot/Static Cert 91.411 Due: Apr 2026
Transponder Cert 91.413 Due: Apr 2026


Aircraft Synopsis

  • Based at KSEZ Sedona Airport, Arizona (85 nm NNE of Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • Low time airframe
  • Low time Western Skyways Gold Seal engine
  • Garmin GNC355 GPS Navigator coupled to G5 systems and GFC500 autopilot, capable down to 200 ft (depending on approach minimums)
  • New McCauley prop (not an overhaul)
  • Engine is fresh from Mena Aircraft Engines after repair apparently due to a defective camshaft
  • No vacuum system (removed, no longer needed)
  • No NTSB history of damage
  • Hangared, no corrosion
  • Aircraft was Canadian-registered (C-GGBY), then was imported back into the U.S. (N144BY)
  • First 6 yrs of logs missing - all logs are complete since late 1982.
  • All ADs c/w, AD Compliance List available digitally

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin GNC355 Touchscreen WAAS GPS Navigator/COM interfaced to G5 systems (2021)
  • TKM MX170B NAV/COM radio
  • Garmin GFC500 Autopilot (2-axis) in 2021
  • Garmin G5 (Artificial Horizon) in 2021
  • Garmin G5 (HSI) in 2021
  • Narco AT165 Digital Transponder
  • Digital Fuel Totalizer and Fuel Flow
  • Bendix King KMA24 Audio Panel
  • Davtron Electric Clock and Flight Timer
  • uAvionix ADS-B OUT Beacon (left wing tip)
  • Whelen LED belly beacon and landing light
  • O&N Fuel bladders
  • Reiff Oil Sump Heater
  • Ski Tube (behind aft bulkhead)
  • Rosen sun visors
  • Ground power access door

Recent updates include:

    • New main gear and nose gear shock discs (late 2020)
    • New windshield (Jan 2021)
    • New prop governor (Sept 2021)
    • New Concorde battery (Jan 2024)

Buyer to verify all avionics and equipment specifications.

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 5/10 - The aluminum on the exterior of this M20J is in good condition - I observed no hangar rash on tips or trailing edges, just typical wear for an aircraft of this era. From a ways away, the aircraft looks good. A close up inspection reveals numerous paint issues. The paint is faded and is flaking off in some areas of the wing leading edges and on the horizontal stabilizer and elevator (most obvious on the underside of the elevator where the flaking is significant). There is one very minor ding on the vertical surface of the left side of the tail, close to the leading edge. And, there are some paint cracks around the engine cowling air inlets.  In the spirit of aesthetics, the aircraft is a good candidate for an eventual repaint, however it could continue to be flown "as is" without an issue. Please see the detailed high-resolution images below to better understand the flaws I am describing.

The windshield looks to be in good condition and not hazy. Side windows are also in good condition but show minor haze. The tires have lots of tread but show some signs of rubber cracking on the tread portion (not sidewalls).

Engine - The Western Skyways Gold Seal engine is one of the best available. The previous owner spent a lot of money to get one of these, but then after installing it, didn't fly the aircraft for several years. As is common in this scenario, internal engine parts start to show signs of corrosion/pitting due to lack of lubrication, and the unfortunate subsequent owner often is required to do the equivalent of an IRAN (Inspect and Repair As Necessary). That was the case with N144BY - not long after taking ownership, the current owner sent the low time engine out to Mena Aircraft Engines for rework. The engine came back refreshed, but shortly afterwards some metal was found in the oil analysis, so the engine went back again to Mena under warranty.

The engine has now been fully vetted by a professional engine shop, was recently reinstalled, and is in fantastic condition. The owner is actively flying the aircraft nowadays.

Panel - 8/10 One of the most expensive upgrades to an aircraft is avionics. N144BY already has a great panel setup: a Garmin GNC355 Touchscreen GPS Navigator and COM radio, a Garmin GFC500 2-axis autopilot, and dual G5 instruments to serve as Artificial Horizon (vacuum system eliminated) and HSI slaved to the autopilot. The most expensive and most important panel components are already here - all the panel needs is perhaps a little cosmetic TLC, and maybe a couple minor refreshes on other items, and this will be an outstanding IFR panel for a M20J.

Interior - 6.5/10 Replaced in 1987, the interior has supple leather seating that shows typical wear for its age. One minor nitpick is that there is small area to the lower inside portion of the passenger front seat where the leather shows excessive wear and tear, presumably from a seatbelt. The carpet, panels and headliner are in reasonable condition but show some age and could use a good deep cleaning to look a lot nicer! Please examine the high-resolution images in the Image Gallery below.

Overall - During the pre-listing inspection and the deep logbook/documentation review, no concerning issues were found, inside or out of the aircraft. The recent engine shop "clean bill of health" helps assure that the fuel-injected Lycoming IO-360 is fresh and ready for a long life. The panel is well on its way to being a fantastic setup. All I see that this aircraft could use is some cosmetic TLC, however it's perfectly good to go as-is. This M20J is a solid high-performance aircraft that is immediately ready for its next mission.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Here is a video of a complete walkaround of the aircraft.

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Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
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