N79395 Mooney M20C

1965 Mooney M20C

Low hours, very clean M20C Mark 21
Excellent paint and interior

$78,500 USD OBO

N79395 is one of the cleanest, nicest Mooney M20Cs on the market.

The Mooney M20C has earned its place in General Aviation as having huge "bang for the buck" value. You simply cannot find the speed and performance offered by this sports-car-like, certified aircraft anywhere else for the relatively low price tag. The challenge, though, is to find an M20C that has been well cared for, gently flown, and has excellent cosmetics ... and this aircraft fits that description. N79395 is one of the few M20Cs on the market that truly shines.

N79395's owner grew up in a family that owned a Mooney dealership. He spent his younger years around Mooneys all the time, and even picked them up new from the Kerrville, Texas, factory on behalf of his family's dealership. He knows Mooneys very well. When he took ownership of this aircraft nearly 20 years ago, he knew what to look for, and he got one of the best ones around.

Not all M20Cs are created equally. The 1965-1967 models are regarded by many enthusiasts as the best years of the M20C. These aircraft have wing rivets which remain flush farther back on the wing than in the following years. Also, this was the first series of M20Cs which were built with what many regard as the preferred style of side windows. The owner sought out this particular year model since he believes it was the best.

N79395 has low hours on both the airframe and engine, and is flown regularly by its owner. It is hangared in Montana and spends a few months a year in Arizona, so it has remained in the preferred dry environments over the years. The aircraft has excellent paint and interior, a great useful load, and is low hours (both airframe and engine). It is unusual to find one of these aircraft with no damage history, but this one has had no damage. The logbooks are complete since day one at the factory. The owner has taken very good care of this M20C Mark 21.

Please carefully review the detailed image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks.

Performance Specifications

Horsepower: 180 HP Stall Speed (Vso): 57 MPH
Cruise Speed: ~150 KTS Rate of Climb: 800 FPM
Fuel Burn: ~9 GPH Ceiling: 17,000 FT
Fuel Capacity (2 wing tanks): 52 Gal Range: ~660 NM 

Important Numbers

Born On: 5/7/1965
Factory Serial Number: 3049
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time: 2630 hrs
Engine Time Since Overhaul (2006): 430 hrs
Engine TBO (Lycoming O-360-A1D): 2000 hrs
Prop Hrs Since Overhaul (2007): 440 hrs
Gross Weight*: 2575 lbs
Empty Weight: 1564 lbs
Useful Load: 1011 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: July 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Feb 2026



  • Aircraft based during the colder months at KRYN Ryan Field (Tucson, Arizona), 88 nautical miles SE of Phoenix, and in Missoula, MT, during warmer months
  • Clean aircraft, new paint in 1995 (paint looks far newer than that though)
  • Newer interior (Nov 2008)
  • Engine major overhaul in 2006 by M.A.C. Aircraft Engines, Billings, Montana
  • Engine compressions 75/79/77/78 over 80
  • Both fuel tanks resealed Sept 2023 by Weep No More and in perfect condition (leaking tanks is a major issue in M20s)
  • Complete logs from day one, digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • No damage history
  • Always hangared or covered, no hail damage or corrosion
  • All ADs complied with

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin GNC-250XL Com Radio and GPS
  • Garmin GTX327 Transponder (no ADS-B)
  • Narco Com 120 Radio
  • Mooney PC "Positive Control" Wing Leveler (INOP)
  • King KA-134 Audio Panel
  • PS Engineering 4-place Intercom System
  • Avionics Master Switch
  • Challenger high performance air filter
  • Hartzell Propeller (2-blade) with updated governor (to eliminate AD)

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 8.5/10 During initial aircraft evaluations, even on very clean aircraft, I find a number of defects - usually hangar rash, minor dents, paint runs, etc. On rare occasion, I find very little in the way of defects. This M20C Mark 21 is one of those occasions.

The exterior is in fantastic condition for its vintage. Under close scrutiny, I found only a few minor nitpicks: a couple of very minor paint chips on the wing tips, and a minor scrape in the dark red paint stripe on the top of the outer right wing (visible in the detailed images below, and in the walkaround video). The nose bowl has a few minor paint chips, as expected when it's been a few years since it was painted. I observed no hangar rash.

An exterior in this condition is rare, considering the aircraft was repainted nearly 30 years ago. The Cranberry Red and Dark Maroon paint has retained excellent depth and shine, and I saw no noticeable defects in the paint. The metallic flake in the paint looks nice. The white paint has excellent shine and depth as you can see in the walkaround video.

The plexiglas windows look good - I did not note any crazing or unusual scratches/blemishes, just typical wear. The tires look to be in good condition with sufficient tread. The anti-slip tread walkway paint on the wing is new and looks very nice - this was refinished recently when the fuel tanks were resealed.

Panel - 6.5/10 It's difficult for me to give the panel only a 6.5 out of 10, because it's so darn clean. The panel visually is a solid 8, however the lack of IFR instruments (IFR capability is most common in an M20) and the age of the existing COM equipment must be considered. There is no ADS-B equipment either, simply because this Mooney has lived its life in rural Montana where such equipment is not necessary. If the next owner of N79395 needs ADS-B, it is easy enough to install a TailBeacon.

Interior - 8/10 The interior seats/carpet/panels are fairly new and look great. Seats and carpet shows some minor wear, typical for a few years of use, but have been kept clean. The interior color works well on this aircraft. The side panels are in great condition, as are the baggage compartment panels and the hat shelf in the rear. The headliner is clean and in good order. Please refer to the high resolution images below to see it all in great detail.

Overall - If you are looking for a low time, fast and efficient VFR piston single with no damage history, and appreciate a clean, updated exterior and interior, this Mooney M20C Mark 21 should be top of your list. I have a lot of experience owning and flying an M20C, and I can say that I am very impressed with this one. My detailed review of the logbooks turned up no red flags, and my thorough evaluation of the aircraft turned up no concerns.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Here is a video of a complete walkaround of the aircraft.

Detailed Images
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