N56TA Aviat Husky A-1A

1998 Aviat A-1A Husky

180 hp Backcountry bird
with lots of upgrades!

$165,000 USD

Clean, nicely set up backcountry Husky at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. 

Aviat Husky aircraft are amongst the most popular workhorses in the Alaskan backcountry and are also the aircraft of choice for top STOL competition pilots. They fly so nicely that they're also popular with those who simply enjoy exploring the local countryside. Here's an opportunity to get into a clean Husky A-1A that has lived nearly its entire life in the dry deserts of Arizona and Nevada.

This gorgeous, low-time, well equipped Husky A-1A with 31" Alaskan Bushwheels is turn-key and ready for its next adventure. Upgrades to the panel include an Aspen EFD1000 MAX, eliminating the vacuum system, a G2 Insight Engine Management System, and a Stratus Appareo ESG transponder with ADS-B IN/OUT. The low time engine has a SureFly electronic ignition yielding greater fuel efficiency in cruise and a host of other benefits. Backcountry upgrades include the Alaskan Bushwheels, a Baby Bushwheel on the tail, and micro VGs for improved control at low speeds.

Please carefully review the detailed, high resolution image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks and important documents.

Performance Specifications

Power (Lycoming O-360-A1P): 180 HP Recommended Engine TBO: 2,000 HRS
Prop (MT - Model MTV-9-B): 3-Bladed Fuel Capacity: 52 GAL
Wingspan: 36 FT 6 IN Height: 6 FT 7 IN
Takeoff Distance (ground roll): 200 FT Landing Distance: 350 FT 
Normal Cruise: 121 KTS Max Range:
695 NM
Vne (Never Exceed): 145 KTS Vso (Stall, Dirty, Power ON): 37 KTS 

Specs gathered from a variety of sources and are subject to buyer confirmation.

Important Numbers

Born On: 7/23/1998
Factory Serial Number: 1420
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time (AFTT): 805 hrs
Engine Total Time (Lyc O-360-A1P): 805 hrs
Engine TBO: 2000 hrs
Prop Hours (mt-propeller - Composite 3-bladed): 413 hrs
Gross Weight: 1890 lbs
Empty Weight: 1346 lbs
Useful Load: 544 lbs
Next Annual Inspection Due: June 2025
Transponder Cert 91.413 Due: May 2025



  • Aircraft currently based at KDVT Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (16 nm NNW of Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • Based in dry Arizona and Nevada nearly its entire life
  • Very nicely upgraded VFR panel, partial glass panel with Synthetic Vision
  • Excellent backcountry setup w/ 31" Alaskan Bushwheels, Baby Bushwheel tailwheel and VGs
  • Last compression check (5/24): 78/78/79/78
  • Ongoing oil analysis indicates normal wear, no issues
  • Jan 2005 - Aircraft repair by Aviat factory after ground loop - engine IRAN inpsection by Steve Tubbs (Performance Air)
  • Complete logs from day one, professionally digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • Always hangared, no corrosion
  • Has the rare and often coveted "Mean Dog" Husky image on the tail ...

Avionics and Equipment

  • Aspen Evolution EFD1000 MAX - Primary Flight Display w/ Synthetic Vision, eliminating vacuum system
  • Becker AR4201 COM Radio
  • Stratus Appareo ESG Transponder w/ ADS-B IN/OUT
  • G2 Insight Engine Monitor - EGT/CHT all 4 cyl w/ Fuel Flow
  • Garmin GPS150XL VFR GPS Receiver w/ moving map
  • Garmin Aera 660 Portable GPS (dash mount)
  • Horizon Inst Digital Tachometer
  • PS Engineering PM3000 Intercom
  • Dual USB plugs in panel
  • ACK Technologies E-04 406 ELT
  • Avionics Master
  • SureFly Electronic Ignition (replaced LEFT mag)
  • Alaskan Bushwheels (ABI) 31" main tires
  • Alaskan Bushwheel (ABI) "Baby Bushwheel" ABI-3200B-II heavy duty tailwheel and tire
  • Micro AeroDynamics VGs
  • AeroLED taxi and landing lights

Buyer to verify all avionics and equipment specifications.

Aircraft Evaluation

Unlike most other brokers, I make a significant effort to represent an aircraft in as much detail as possible, identifying not only the benefits and features, but also the issues that are likely to catch your attention when you look at the aircraft "in person". I present well over 100 detailed, high resolution images, noting on the image any issue that would catch your attention. I make all logs readily available in digital format. I am available to do a FaceTime call with Buyers to more closely examine an aircraft.

My goal is that any Buyer going to the effort and travel expense to look at an aircraft can, beforehand, see the aircraft "virtually", up close, on this web page and through video. This helps the Buyer avoid surprises when they arrive to view the aircraft "in person".

Exterior - 8.5/10 Husky N56TA's exterior is consistent with an always-hangared and well cared for aircraft of its age. Paint is rich and shows depth. No wrinkles and no evidence of any hangar rash. As I worked through my broker evaluation of this Husky, frankly, I struggled to find much of anything wrong with the exterior. I nitpicked a couple of very minor cosmetic-only issues in the high resolution images - please review the Image Gallery (below) where I clearly show these cosmetic issues with text and arrows. They are items you may even miss the first time you look over the aircraft in person!

The 3-bladed MT Prop, with its characteristic whir at low RPM, is what most Husky owners want on their aircraft. N56TA has a fairly new one, and it is in good condition. These props significantly lighten the front end of the aircraft, and they outperform their competitors in climb and cruise.

The Plexiglas windows and windshield are in nice condition - no crazing or unusual scratches/blemishes were noted. Tires are in good condition. The large 31" Alaskan Bushwheels look fairly new (2019) and show little wear. The Baby Bushwheel tire is brand new (2024).

N56TA - short wide panel 1200x675

Instrument Panel - 8/10 The owner of N56TA has done a good job of keeping the instrument panel up to date. Recently, it was upgraded to an Aspen EFD1000 MAX PFD, eliminating the vacuum system, and adding Synthetic Vision (2021). In 2018, he also installed a Garmin GPS150XL, a fantastic moving map for VFR flight. The Insight G2 Engine Management System, with fuel flow, allows you to monitor fuel burn rate and all CHT and EGT temps - considered a "must" by many pilots. As the panel has been augmented with better equipment, the panel has been kept clean - there are no gaping holes, and nothing looks "out of place". Overall, it is a really nice panel.

Interior - 8/10 The interior condition and appearance are consistent with a gently used aircraft. The spartan, rugged feel of this Husky interior is evident throughout. Seats show only minor wear, consistent with its age, and have no damage. The headliner and side walls are clean and present nicely. There are no negatives to note with the interior of this Husky.

Overall - During the pre-listing inspection and the deep logbook/documentation review, no concerning issues were found inside or out of the aircraft. While it does have one occurrence of ground loop damage history, the minor damage was repaired by the Aviat Husky factory in Afton, Wyoming, and the engine IRAN was done by a well known and reptuable engine builder, Steve Tubbs, at Performance Aero. Basically, the repair and inspection work was done properly by the best mechanics. This aircraft has been well cared for, and it has no known deferred maintenance or issues. This Husky is immediately ready for its next mission!

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Here is a video of a complete walkaround of the aircraft.

Detailed Images
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Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
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