N424Y – 2015 Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS

2015 Cubcrafters
Carbon Cub SS

Factory-built Carbon Cub SS
Experimental Light Sport
Garmin G3X Glass Panel with Autopilot

$194,000 USD

The Cubcrafters Carbon Cub SS is often said to be the best performing LSA adventure aircraft in the world. Its takeoff and landing performance offer a margin of safety and help make this airplane an absolute joy to fly, particularly in STOL and backcountry scenarios. The Carbon Cub SS is built with lightweight materials, saving approximately 200 pounds and allowing a cruise speed around 110 mph - that's a lot faster than a comparably equipped Super Cub.

N424Y, an ELSA Carbon Cub SS, was built at the Cubcrafters factory and is well optioned with its top tier all-Garmin instrument panel and upgraded Acme Aero heavy duty landing gear and shocks, and Alaskan Bushwheel tundra tires.

Please carefully review the image gallery, it shows every detail of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share logbooks and important documents for the aircraft.

Performance Specifications

Titan CC340 (mfg by Continental): 180 HP Stall Speed: 32 MPH
Cruise Speed: 110 MPH Rate of Climb: Up to 2,100 FPM
Range: 350 MI Oil Capacity: 5 QTS
Fuel Capacity (long-range tanks): 44 GAL Fuel Consumption: 6-7 GPH
Takeoff Distance: ~60 FT Landing Distance: ~110 FT

These specifications from Cubcrafters are subject to verification and are not guaranteed.

Important Numbers

Year of Mfg: 2015
Serial Number: CC11-00376
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time (per tach)*: 250 hrs
Engine Time Since New*: 250 hrs
Engine TBO: 2400 hrs
Prop Hrs Since New*: 250 hrs
Gross Weight: 1320 lbs
Empty Weight: 1042 lbs
Useful Load: 278 lbs
Condition Inspection Due: May 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Nov 2025
ELT Battery Due: Sept 2027

* Hours are a close approximation, aircraft is flown regularly.


  • Aircraft is based and hangared in the dry, high desert of Arizona, at KPRC Prescott Municipal Airport (76 nm NNW of KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • Hangared, no hail damage
  • Highly optioned from the factory
  • Factory Garmin glass panel and radios
  • Backcountry-oriented upgrades
  • Complete logbooks and all important documents are digitized and available for your review upon request
  • Damage history, properly repaired and documented
  • All ADs c/w

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin G3X Touch Glass Panel
  • Garmin Autopilot (2-axis)
  • Garmin GMC305 Autopilot Control Head
  • Garmin GTR200 Comm Radio
  • Garmin GTX23ES Mode S Transponder
  • Garmin GDL39R ADS-B IN w/ wireless connectivity (connect to ForeFlight, etc.)
  • Garmin GPS20A WAAS GPS for ADS-B OUT
  • XM Satellite setup
  • Catto 80x50 Composite Propeller (from factory)
  • Acme Aero Heavy Duty 3x3 Landing Gear
  • Acme Aero Heavy Duty Cabane-V
  • Acme Aero BlackOps Shocks
  • Alaskan Bushwheels 26" tundra tires
  • Grove magnesium wheels
  • LED lighting and strobes
  • Landing lights - both wings
  • Vortex generators
  • Grove 2-piston magnesium calipers
  • Scott 3200-type of steerable tailwheel
  • ABI tail spring
  • Extended baggage and access door
  • Extended range fuel tanks (44 gal capacity)
  • Rear seat 12v outlet
  • Odyssey PC680 battery under pilot seat

Aircraft Walkaround

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 8/10 This Carbon Cub SS has great ramp appeal. The factory paint has retained its shine, indicative of having been hangared and guarded from the elements. The dark red, silver and black paint scheme looks sharp.

The Acme Aero heavy duty landing gear and cabane-V were a great upgrade to this aircraft. The stance looks good, and the gear looks tough. Landings, particularly on rough terrain, are softened by the Acme Aero BlackOps suspension (that's Acme's latest and best suspension).

During a walkaround, under careful scrutiny, I saw a few blemishes which aren't readily apparent but should be noted. The engine cowling paint has minor orange peel, visible only up close. There is a minor gouge in the left-side boot cowl which does not go through the paint, and frankly looks worse in the pictures than it looks in person. And, at the ends of the wing struts, it looks like either primer or previous paint is showing through - this is cosmetic only. Lastly, there is a small fabric patch on the lower right-side empennage which appears to be professionally applied and finished - no issue. See detailed images (below), all these blemishes can be seen in the high resolution pics.

The plexiglas windows look good, I didn't see any abuse or heavy abrasion. The 26" Alaskan Bushwheel tundra tires (26 x 12 x 6) look nearly new.

Panel - 9/10 It looks like this Carbon Cub SS received the top tier instrument panel package from the factory. The all-Garmin panel has the G3X Touch as its primary display, and a Garmin GTR200 Comm radio with dual frequency display, intgrated intercom, standby monitoring, and stereo input. It also has a Garmin integrated transponder and ADS-B IN and OUT, with built-in Bluetooth connectivity for apps such as ForeFlight. The panel is clean, simple, nicely laid out, and fully functional.

Interior - 7/10 The interior of N424Y is standard, spartan, and in good order. The upholstery and floor boards look good and have typical wear for an aircraft of this age. It was noted that a repair was done to the overhead X-brace, as can be seen in the detailed images below. The matte-finished aluminum in the extended rear baggage area shows typical wear. That extended baggage area, with the access door on the right side of the fuselage, is a wonderful feature.

Overall - This Carbon Cub SS brings a lot of value for the money, and is ready for its next owner to hone tailwheel skills and do some exploring. The aircraft has some damage history, however its ongoing regular maintenance and inspections confirm that the aircraft was properly repaired. The current owner flies and enjoys this Carbon Cub regularly, and reports that the airplane flies very nicely.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.

Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Detailed Images
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Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.