N28PW – Cessna 182H

Cessna 182H

Air Plains IO-520-D Upgrade,
300 hp, fuel-injected,
Low Hours, IFR, a real performer!

$185,000 USD

The Cessna 182 Skylane is well known for being one the best all-around aircraft ever commercially produced. Some regard the 182 as the "Swiss Army Knife of aircraft" since it can do a lot of things quite well: it carries a significant payload, takes you long distances, lands nearly anywhere, and is tough as nails.

The chief complaints amongst Cessna 182 pilots typically are that the aircraft is slow in cruise and a bit lackluster during climb. This aircraft has been upgraded to a 300 hp (285 hp cont.) Continental IO-520-D, significantly increasing cruise and climb performance. This is how the factory should have built 182s!

With its Air Plains Engine Conversion, this is the way to go with a Cessna 182. This Skylane has also been fitted with Micro Aerodynamics VGs (vortex generators) on the wings and tail, decreasing stall speed and improving low speed handling characteristics, making the aircraft safer and even better for short strips and backcountry scenarios.

Please carefully review the detailed images below, they show every detail of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks and important documents for this aircraft.

Performance Specifications

Continental IO-520-D (Fuel-Injected): 300 HP takeoff
285 HP continuous
Stall Speed (Vso): 46 KTS
Cruise Speed: 152 KTAS Rate of Climb: 1750 FPM
Fuel Capacity (64 main + 24 aux): 88 GAL Fuel Consumption: 15-16 GPH
Takeoff Distance: 450 FT Landing Distance: 590 FT

Note: Some specifications differ from factory spec, due to Air Plains engine conversion. Specs assume ideal conditions and are derived from information received from Air Plains and other sources, and are subject to verification and not guaranteed.

Important Numbers

Year of Mfg: 1965
Serial Number: 18256064
Flight Rules: IFR
Airframe Total Time*: 4885 hrs
Engine SMOH* (April 2018): 160 hrs
Engine TBO: 1700 hrs
Prop SPOH* (September 2002): 1465 hrs
Gross Weight: 2800 lbs
Empty Weight: 1848 lbs
Useful Load: 952 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Sept 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Nov 2025
Pitot Static Check 91.411 Due: Nov 2025
Painted by Air Plains: Aug 1999
New Interior Installed: May 2010
ELT Battery Due: April 2024

* Hours are a close approximation. Aircraft is flown occasionally.


  • Aircraft is based and hangared in the dry desert of Arizona, at KIGM Kingman Airport, Kingman, AZ (77 nm SE of KLAS Las Vegas Int'l, NV)
  • Air Plains Conversion - IO-520-D 300hp (285hp continuous)
  • Hangared, no hail damage
  • Complete logbooks and important documents are digitized and available for your review upon request
  • No NTSB reported damage history, however the logs indicate repairs performed 20+ yrs ago by highly reputable repair shop, Beegles (Greeley, CO)
  • August 2023 Annual Inspection - compressions 78/77/76/78/77/77
  • All ADs complied with and documented in AD List
  • Aircraft delivery service available

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin GPSMAP 696 MFD (mounted off-panel, ahead of center console)
  • Garmin GNC 250XL Com Radio w/GPS (VFR)
  • Bendix/King KX-155 Nav/Com radio
  • King KMA20 Audio Panel
  • Garmin GTX-327 Transponder
  • Garmin GDL-82 ADS-B OUT
  • Garmin GDL-39 ADS-B IN (displayed on GPSMAP 696)
  • STEC Autopilot w/altitude hold
  • JPI EDM-700 Engine Analyzer
  • JPI Fuel Scan FS-450 Fuel Management
  • Insight Strikefinder SF2000
  • PS Engineering PM501 Intercom
  • Hartzell PHC-L3YF-1RF 3-bladed propeller
  • Flint Aero aux tip tanks (24 gal - wet wing)
  • Main (factory) 64 gal tanks are bladders
  • Whelen HRCFAS anti-collision strobe light
  • Davtron M800 Digital Clock/Timer
  • Davtron DVTM 301 OAT Indicator
  • Front seat center console w/integrated arm rest
  • 4-point seatbelts (front seats)
  • Micro Aerodynamics VGs (wing and tail)
  • Door Stewards (both doors)
  • 6.00x6 main tires, 5.00x5 nose tire

Walkaround Video

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 6.5/10 From a mechanical perspective, the exterior of N28PW is in nice shape. During the walkaround evaluation, I saw no evidence of hangar rash or other such damage. For an aircraft of this vintage, it has been very well taken care of, from a sheet metal and mechanical viewpoint.

From a cosmetic perspective, the aircraft could use some professional attention. The paint depth and shine could benefit from polishing. The landing and taxi light plexiglas housings, and the aluminum prop spinner, could use some cleanup and polishing. I always prefer the flaws which involve cosmetics and not mechanical issues! With some exterior cosmetic TLC, this Cessna 182 would be absolutely gorgeous.

Tire treads have reasonable life left. The windshield and side windows look good, however the rear window shows some haze.

Panel - 7/10 The panel on N28PW is clean, nicely laid out, and fully functional. The Garmin 696 is a terrific upgrade, and has integrated ADS-B traffic IN. The Garmin ADS-B IN/OUT also provides wireless traffic and weather information which can be used with external devices such as an iPad and ForeFlight. The ADS-B setup allows the pilot to switch to UAT Anonymous mode from the panel. Other excellent upgrades include a JPI FS-450 Fuel Management system, a Garmin GNC 250XL com radio with integrated VFR GPS, and a JPI EDM-700 Engine Management system. The STEC 30 2-axis autopilot makes cross-country flights easier.

Under the Cowling - 9/10 Very clean. I was impressed when we pulled the top cowling. You can practically eat off of the engine case, it looks brand new. I observed no oil leaks - see the detailed images below, they show the inner-sides of the lower cowling where you'll see no evidence of leaks. Everything under the cowling looks well organized, and even the scat tubing looks new.

Interior - 8.5/10 The fairly new interior of N28PW is in really nice shape. The white leather seats show well, and don't have a lot of wear. The dark red carpet is in great condition, and the headliner looks nice and has no rips or holes. The aftermarket center console (between the front seats) is a tasteful upgrade which provides ample storage, an arm rest, and a cup holder. When do you ever see a good cup holder in a Cessna? Nice.

The door panels and side panels are sharp looking. Both doors are equipped with Door Stewards which are a fantastic addition to any aircraft. While the interior could use a good cleaning, it is overall in good condition and will absolutely sparkle with some professional cleaning.

Overall - Once in a while, I have an opportunity to broker an aircraft that I fall in love with, while I am doing the evaluation and pictures. N28PW is one of those aircraft. What a nice 182! It has a low-time Continental IO-520, and that is the engine that you want in a Cessna 182. It's IFR-ready. If desired, an easy upgrade to larger tires makes this 182 capable of landing at nearly any backcountry air strip. The only issues I've seen on N28PW are cosmetic, and that's easily addressed by the local aircraft detail crew. This aircraft simply doesn't have "issues" that would make me hesitate to own it. I really like this airplane.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.

Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Detailed Images
132 High Resolution, Detailed Pictures
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Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.