Aviation Technology

The world offers technology consultants in every shape and size, from every country on the planet. However, few of them understand the General Aviation world and the American aviation business landscape like we do. And our experience comes at no additional cost to you – our rates are similar to, if not less than, most IT consulting firms. 

We work on simple tasks such as extracting and transforming FAA-published data or captured ADS-B data, and we also develop complex software and database-driven websites that do real work for your business. Contact us to discuss the potential of your next project.

News Media

PARTner 91 helps news media outlets make sense out of emerging aviation-related news. Understanding how to immediately acquire FAA data surrounding an event, and being able to tell the story using accurate terminology, in layman’s terms, require swift advice from a trusted source. PARTner 91 can be that source for you.  Contact us to discuss a partnership with your news agency.