N877KK – Zenith STOL CH750 Super Duty

2023 Zenith STOL
CH750 Super Duty

Nearly New STOL CH750,
factory-assist build, BRS parachute

$169,000 USD

If you don't want to wait months for the kit, and then spend years building one of the best STOL aircraft available, then this nearly new Zenith CH750 Super Duty is for you.

The owner/builder of this aircraft worked closely with the factory, under professional supervision, to build one of the easiest to fly, most versatile light STOL aircraft in the world. N877KK has a Continental Titan IOX-370 187 horsepower engine mated to a carbon fiber Sensenich ground adjustable prop. The STOL design, with its factory leading edge fixed slats, combined with the reputable and reliable powerhouse engine, and a tricycle gear with tundra tires, makes this the ultimate and easy STOL platform for anyone. And, the aircraft is equipped with a BRS Aerospace emergency parachute system - similar to a Cirrus aircraft - so that you have the ultimate in safety equipment.

The owner/seller intended to keep N877KK for the long-term, but as things have changed, he decided to hang up his wings. So, we must find another pilot who is passionate about backcountry and STOL flying to enjoy this aircraft!

Please carefully review the image gallery below, you'll see every inch of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share all logbooks and important documents for N877KK.

Performance Specifications

Horsepower: 187 HP Stall Speed (Vso): 34 MPH
Cruise Speed @ 75%: 105+ MPH Rate of Climb: 1350 FPM
Takeoff Distance: 125- FT Landing Distance: 150- FT
Fuel Burn @ 75%: ~11 GPH Ceiling: 15,000 FT
Fuel Capacity: 48 Gal Best Range: ~390 NM 

Important Numbers

Serial Number: SD75-11330
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time: 55 hrs
Engine Time Since New (2023): 55 hrs
Engine TBO (Continental Titan IOX-370): 2000 hrs
Prop Hrs Since New (2023): 55 hrs
Design Gross Weight: 1900 lbs
Empty Weight: 1163 lbs
Useful Load: 737 lbs
Condition Inspection Due: April 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: April 2024


  • Aircraft based and hangared at Ryan Field KRYN, Tucson, Arizona (12 nm WNW of Tucson International Airport)
  • Factory new Continental Titan IOX-370 fuel-injected 187 hp engine
  • Engine can utilize auto fuel
  • BRS Aerospace Parachute System
  • Built at the factory in Zenith's build assist program
  • Well equipped avionics and safety features
  • Custom paint and upholstery
  • Recently completed build and 40-hr flyoff
  • Aircraft has lived its entire short life in Arizona
  • Complete logs, digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • No damage history
  • Always hangared
  • No hail damage
  • No corrosion

Avionics and Equipment

  • Dynon Skyview HDX Glass Panel w/ synthetic vision, ADS-B weather and traffic
  • BRS Aerospace ballistic parachute
  • Dynon 2-axis Autopilot
  • Dynon Transponder
  • "Level" button - brings aircraft to straight and level
  • Dynon COM radio w/ flip-flop freq
  • Dynon ADS-B IN and OUT
  • Dual throttles
  • Dual toe brakes
  • Electric elevator trim
  • Factory leading edge wing fixed slats
  • Sensenich Ground Adjustable Carbon Fiber STOL Propeller w/ stainless steel leading edge
  • Main Tires: Aero Classic Tundra tires 27.5x10-8
  • Nose Tire: Aero Classic 8.00-6
  • Strobes/landing/taxi lights
  • 12v power outlet
  • Sparco 3-point safety harnesses

Exterior - 9.9/10 The aircraft is several months old and always hangared with barely 50 hrs on it, so the exterior is nearly perfect. The paint scheme and paint quality are excellent. Rivets appear to be professionally installed, and the aluminum is smooth and without any noticeable defects. During the aircraft evaluation, through careful scrutiny, I found only one issue: very minor hangar rash on the trailing edge of the right horizontal stabilizer which occurred prior to paint. This issue is so insignificant that most anyone would miss it. It is documented in the pictures below (but you'll have a difficult time spotting it, even though the picture is up close).

Panel - 9.9/10 Nice Dynon panel! Just about everything you could ask for is there. The Dynon Skyview HDX is the primary focus for the pilot, it provides all primary instrumentation output along with engine management features, fuel monitoring, ADS-B, etc. The autopilot is a real bonus for the pilot who wants to take this STOL aircraft cross-country. One of the best safety features of N877KK is the "Level" button: should a pilot get into an unusual attitude scenario, the Level button brings the aircraft back to straight and level. That could easily be a life saver.

Interior - 9.9/10 N877KK has very nice leather-like seats and beautiful carpet. You still get that "new airplane smell" when you open the clamshell doors. Seats are full-sized with excellent padding and 3-point harness systems. The pilot has a drink holder on the floor (see detailed pictures below), located close to the center of the seat - that's something that should be in every aircraft, yet you don't see it often. The baggage space behind the two seats is roomy and has a capacity of 100 lbs. The cabin is 42" wide, giving plenty of room for two people to be comfortable for a long time.

Safety Features - This aircraft incorporates several key safety features: (1) BRS Aerospace emergency parachute - similar to how Cirrus aircraft are equipped, N877KK contains a parachute which can be deployed in an emergency scenario, significantly reducing risk to the pilot and passenger. (2) "Level" button, tied into the Dynon avionics, which can recover the aircraft from an unusual attitude and place it into straight-and-level flight. (3) Sparco 3-point safety harnesses for both occupants. In addition, the aircraft also has dual throttles, a common control stick, and dual toe brakes, providing enhanced safety particularly during a training scenario where an instructor sitting in the right-side seat can easily control the aircraft.

Overall - If you prefer to fly sooner rather than spend several years building an aircraft, and if you want a new, pristine, well-built, highly capable STOL and backcountry aircraft with a new high-powered engine, this aircraft is for you. Reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Detailed Images
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This aircraft is a homebuilt, experimental aircraft.
Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.

Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.