1984 Beech T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor

1984 Beech T-34C-1
Turbo Mentor

One of only several T-34Cs in
the U.S. with a standard category
FAA airworthiness certificate

$595,000 USD

The T-34 was Walter Beech's post-WWII solution for a next generation SNJ/T-6 trainer. Developed many years later, the turbine-powered T-34C was an altogether different beast, with updates to bolster its strength, including a wing borrowed from the Beech Baron and landing gear from the Beech Duke. Its Pratt & Whitney PT-6A-25 turbine engine is limited to 550 horsepower to ensure longevity. The T-34C-1 armed version was built by Beechcraft for export. It has four underwing hardpoints which optionally allowed the mounting of up to 1,200 lbs of anti-tank missiles, rockets, gun pods, etc.

N69XZ, being a "dash one" model, was built for export by Beechcraft in 1984. It spent its previous life in the Indonesian Air Force where it became the favorite of a high ranking military officer who flew it regularly. It was later acquired by a professional shop out of Central Arizona where it was inspected, assembled, and brought up to FAA spec for a standard airworthiness certificate. The shop owns and maintains a large fleet of aircraft, most of which employ the P&W PT-6A engine, therefore this shop has the experience to ensure the PT-6A-25 on this T-34C is operating properly.

This T-34C is one of the very few in existence in the U.S. with an FAA Standard Airworthiness certificate (acrobatic category). This means an owner does not have the constant burdens of reporting and flight restrictions inherent to an "Experimental Exhibition" airworthiness certificate that most other T-34Cs have. This also means the aircraft can be used for commercial ventures that are otherwise prohibited by an Experimental Exhibition certification. This aircraft underwent an extensive update/review/inspect routine between the shop and the FAA-appointed DAR to get the aircraft into the flying condition it is now.

Please carefully review the image gallery and lengthy walkaround video below, they enable you to see every detail of the aircraft. If you reach out to me, I can digitally share logbooks and important documents for the aircraft.

Performance Specifications

Horsepower - PT6A-25: 550 HP Stall Speed: 53 KTS
Cruise Speed @18K ft: 240 KTAS Rate of Climb: 1500+ FPM
g Limits: +6, -3 Service Ceiling (per POH): 25,000 FT
Armament: 4 Hardpoints w/ the optional capacity of 600 lb inner, 300 lb outer, 1200 lb total max

Specifications are subject to verification and are not guaranteed.

Important Numbers

Year Mfg: 1984
Factory Serial Number: GM-96
Flight Rules: VFR
Airframe Total Time: 12,730 hrs
Engine Time Since Overhaul (Nov 2010): 448 hrs
Engine TBO: 3,000 hrs
HSI on condition for Part 91: 1,000 hrs
Total Cycles Since Overhaul 569
Prop Hrs Since Overhaul (May 2019): 50 hrs
Gross Weight: 4300 lbs
Empty Weight: 3120 lbs
Useful Load: 1180 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: May 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Mar 2024



  • Aircraft based and hangared at E60 Eloy Municipal Airport (43 nm SE of KPHX Phoenix Sky Harbor)
  • T-34C-1 "dash one" export version from Beech, built in 1984 and exported to Indonesia
  • Low engine time since overhaul
  • Imported to U.S. in 2018, then inspected and assembled by reputable shop, Skydive Arizona
  • All necessary work completed to acquire FSDO signoff on a standard category airworthiness certificate (acrobatic category)
  • One of very few T-34Cs in the U.S. with a standard category airworthiness cert
  • Always hangared, no hail damage
  • Extensive military logbooks and documentation
  • All recent logbooks and important documents are digitized and available for review
  • All ADs c/w

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin GPS 150XL
  • Collins VHF-21 type COM radio with CTL heads front and rear
  • Stratus ESG Transponder w/ ADS-B IN and OUT
  • Beechcraft AOA indicator (in panel)
  • RAM mount (front)
  • Artex ELT345 406 MHz ELT
  • Factory air conditioning and heat (bleed air)
  • Recently overhauled 3-bladed Hartzell prop
  • Factory underwing hardpoints

Aircraft Evaluation

Exterior - 7/10 The aircraft appears to have retained its original military paint, however it looks like some of the military markings have been removed and painted over. Overall, though, the paint is in good condition.

During a walkaround, the aircraft looks good and the impression is that the aircraft has been well cared for. Only a few minor discrepancies were noted as follows. The spinner has a paint scrape, as does the top of the right wing - both are relatively minor. There is one minor area of damage on the leading edge of the left horizontal stabilizer where paint and metal have some damage. There also appears to be some paint peeling on the belly of the aircraft. Please see the detailed images (below), they show all these minor items in detail.

Windows are in good shape and look as one would expect for a military aircraft that has been hangared. Tires are in good condition and have nearly full tread.

Panel - 5/10 The instrument panel is typical for what you would expect for this vintage and model. There is no immediate need to update the panel, however a few updates would add significant utility to the aircraft. Recently, a Stratus ESG Transponder with ADS-B IN and OUT was installed. Having ADS-B weather and traffic available wirelessly, combined with the already installed RAM mount, make it easy for the pilot to utilize an iPad with ForeFlight.

Interior - 7/10 The air conditioned, military-like interior is in reasonably good condition and is sufficient for regular ongoing use. The seat upholstery is in good condition and does not show heavy wear. While completely functional, some areas of the interior such as the top of the dashboards could use some tidying up.

Overall - This Turbo Mentor is a nicely flying, well-preserved military trainer that is ready for more flying. While its paint and interior are not "show perfect", the aircraft is aesthetically pleasing and does not require any immediate attention to be enjoyed. The current owner invested a lot of time and effort to ensure this aircraft meets FAA standards for a standard category airworthiness certificate. This aircraft is a great flying example of a T-34C.

Please reach out to me so that I may answer any questions you have.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Aircraft Walkaround
Complete walkaround video of the aircraft.

Detailed Images
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Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.