1968* Mooney M20F

Barn find, full restoration by A&P, new Garmin glass panel


This M20F was stored for 3 decades in a hangar at Sky Harbor International Airport(KPHX), then was rescued by a local A&P who restored this low time classic Mooney to its near-original glory. The only major change was a new Garmin glass panel. What an absolutely fantastic and tastefully restored classic Mooney! As the listing broker and a former Mooney owner, I could barely contain my excitement as I evaluated this airplane prior to listing.

The owner says:

"I bought this airplane in November of 2018. I spent the next year plus restoring it, and it flew again in January of 2020.

This M20F lived in Arizona and was hangared here all its life. The second owner got sick in the early to mid-80’s and then airplane didn’t fly again until I restored it. The airplane had a zero-time engine overhaul [factory reman] in 1974. I am still flying the airplane when I can, so times will change.

I have the Flight Enhancements Auto-Step kit for retracting the step during flight that will increase speed by a couple miles an hour, this will be included with the aircraft. I also have the Garmin airframe install kit for installing a GFC500 auto pilot, that will go with the airplane as well [the aircraft does not have an autopilot].

Lastly, I have all the photos from the restoration and of how the aircraft looked when I originally discovered it. I have the engine and airframe MX manuals and IPC’s that go with the airplane, as well as cowl inlet plugs and a full cockpit cover."

* Note: FAA records say this aircraft is a 1967 model, however the factory called it a 1968 model, as indicated by the first two digits of its serial number (680064). Its factory test flight was on October 31, 1967.

See "Additional Notes" at the bottom of this page for detailed info on the restoration.

Important Numbers

Factory Serial Number: 680064
Airframe Total Time: 1908 hrs
Engine SMOH: 819 hrs
Overhaul Date (Factory Reman): Oct 1974
Prop SMOH (overhauled 12/19): 48 hrs
Gross Weight: 2740 lbs
Empty Weight: 1762 lbs
Useful Load: 978 lbs
CG: 43.975 in
Annual Due: Nov 2023



  • Meticulous restoration by A&P/owner
  • Aircraft located in Phoenix, Arizona (KDVT)
  • Nice original paint, incredibly preserved!
  • New Garmin panel - no expenses spared
  • 200 hp Lycoming IO-360-A1A (fuel injected)
  • Upgraded WAT (Whelen) LED lights
  • Documented oil analysis records
  • Complete logs since new
  • All logs digitized and available upon request
  • No accident history
  • Corrosion-free
  • All ADs complied with
  • See "Additional Notes" below for restoration details

Avionics and Equipment

  • Garmin G3X Primary Flight Display (touchscreen) with engine monitoring and GPS
  • Garmin G5 Standby
  • Garmin GMA345 Bluetooth Audio Panel
  • Garmin GNC255 NAVCOM Radio (controlled by the G3X PFD)
  • Garmin GTN635 WAAS GPS driver, COM radio
  • Garmin GDL52 ADS-B In
  • Stratus Appareo ADS-B Out
  • ME406 ELT
  • Stratus USB Power Outlet in panel
  • Air-cooled iPad Mini dash mount
  • Turbo STC (see "Additional Notes" below)
  • NO vacuum system
  • New CIES digital fuel senders in LH and RH tanks
  • New Lord landing gear shock pucks
  • Includes window and cowl covers

Exterior - This M20F has an all original exterior which has been wonderfully preserved. On initial inspection, I saw no hangar rash. There is one minor dent in the left wing leading edge. There are a few places where there is some very minor paint chipping, see detailed images below. This Mooney has been hangared its entire life. Plexiglass is in good condition. Paint has great shine. Overall, the exterior looks really good.

Interior - New instrument panel includes Garmin G3X touchscreen glass display, see above for specs. The upholstery, headliner and plastics are in good shape for their age. The fabric on the front seats has separated in a couple places, but the seats are very useable. See pictures below, for more details.

Documentation - If you appreciate a meticulously well organized set of aircraft documents, you'll be impressed with this airplane's documentation. The owner/A&P works for one of the nation's biggest corporate jet maintenance groups and has treated the documentation process for this airplane just the same as he would for any of his customer's corporate jets.

Overall - This M20F deserves to go to a new owner who truly appreciates a classic restoration, just the way they looked when they came out of the Kerrville Texas factory, but also wants the reliability and convenience of a full IFR-capable and modern Garmin glass panel.

Logbooks available digitally upon request.

Temporarily Off Market

Detailed Images
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Additional Notes

December 2019 - Airframe: original restoration finished

  • Performed aileron control links S/B
  • Removed and overhauled LH and RH brake master cylinders
  • Removed and overhauled flap pump assembly
  • Removed and overhauled flap actuator assembly
  • Replaced flap system hoses with new
  • Removed and overhauled LH and RH brake calipers
  • Cleaned/inspected and repacked nose, LH and RH wheel bearings
  • Removed and overhauled fuel selector assembly
  • Greased and ops check of landing gear system
  • Installed new brake lines on the LH and RH main landing gear
  • Removed and replaced oil, fuel and air lines with new Teflon lines throughout engine compartment
  • Installed Appareo ADS-B out system
  • Overhauled prop and hub from Warner Propeller & Governor Co. (new prop hub with B suffix)
  • Installed an ME406 ELT
  • O2 system was installed when the aircraft was new, but now INOP due to O2 bottle life expired, no new bottles available or approved for this STC
  • Installed overhauled fuel boost pump
  • Installed Stratus USB power outlet
  • Installed Stratus ESG power cord with antenna plug

December 2019 - Engine: original restoration finished

  • Installed new prop governor line and steel fittings
  • Overhauled Avstar Fuel Systems fuel servo
  • Overhauled fuel flow divider
  • Overhauled engine driven fuel pump
  • New ignition wires
  • Rebuilt engine baffles, stripped and repainted aluminum, new blue rubber seals and new scat tubing
  • New air filter element
  • R&R both mags from Lycon Inc. (500hr inspection complied with)

February 2020

  • New LH, RH and nose tires and tubes
  • Installed Whelen LED nav lights, tail, LH, and RH wing tips
  • Installed Whelen LED landing light
  • New fuel boost pump switch

March 2020 - Installed repaired condition #2 cylinder head with new piston and rings

May 2020 - New Whelen LED rotating belly beacon light

September 2021 - New Garmin glass panel avionics suite. IFR rated installation.

  • G3X PFD (touchscreen) with engine monitoring and GPS
  • G5 standby
  • GMA345 Bluetooth Audio Panel
  • GNC255 Nav/Com radio, also controlled by the G3X PFD
  • GTN635 GPS driver, com radio
  • Appareo Stratus transponder from original ADS-B OUT install
  • New yoke push to talk switches
  • Stratus power outlet from original restoration
  • Air cooled iPad Mini dash mount
  • New cigarette lighter outlet for cooler style air conditioner
  • New panel mounted glovebox for Stratus ADS-B in with remote antenna and power
  • Removed vacuum system
  • Installed new Ceis Digital fuel senders in the LH and RH fuel tanks
  • New ignition switch
  • New Lord landing gear shock pucks in LH, RH, and nose landing gear
  • Performed SB for new wing tank drain valves
  • Removed nose landing shock
  • New ELT battery
  • Performed Weight and Balance, 978lbs useful load

January 2022 - New Concorde battery

Specifications and aircraft condition subject to verification and are not guaranteed.
Aircraft is subject to prior sale or removal.