N8065P – Piper PA-24-250

1962 Piper PA-24-250

Super Clean
A Whole Lot of Airplane for the Buck!

As an Aircraft Broker, I see a lot of airplanes. Once in a while, I come across one which makes me think "if I had the cash right now, I'd buy this one for ME!". I try my best not to let emotion factor into business, but this one was tough for me.

This IFR-capable PA-24-250 Comanche is beautiful! I can't remember the last time I saw a firewall and engine bay as clean as this one. The interior is in great shape, and for its age, it has a really nice instrument panel with an STEC autopilot. The PA-24-250 is quite a performer, with the venerable Lycoming O-540 and a sexy Hartzell 3-blade prop. It is a legit get-up-and-go cross-country aircraft.

This Comanche is one of the best "bang for the buck" aircraft deals on the market.

Check out the image gallery below. The engine pictures are particularly impressive. Have you seen this much cleanliness under a cowling? A well kept airplane means the owner is meticulous with care and maintenance. Check out the belly and inside the wheel wells. Super clean. This is how it was when the current owner bought it years ago, and he's kept it this way. Excellent example of "pride of ownership".

Performance Specifications

Horsepower: 250 HP Stall Speed: 56 KIAS
Best Cruise Speed: 157 KIAS Rate of Climb: 1350 FPM
Takeoff Distance: 750 FT Landing Distance: 650 FT
Fuel Burn @ 75%: 14.0 GPH Ceiling: 22,000 FT
Fuel Capacity (useable): 86 Gal Best Range: ~850 NM 

Important Numbers

Factory Serial Number: 24-3312
Flight Rules: IFR or VFR
Airframe Total Time: 5123 hrs
Engine Time Since Overhaul (Dec 1998): 1643 hrs
Engine Time Since IRAN (Nov 2010): 369 hrs
Engine TBO (Lycoming O-540-A1D5): 2000 hrs
Prop Hrs Since New (Nov 2010): 369 hrs
Hrs Since Mag 500 hr Inspection: 26 hrs
Gross Weight: 2900 lbs
Empty Weight: 1800 lbs
Useful Load: 1100 lbs
Annual Inspection Due: Mar 2024
Transponder Check 91.413 Due: Oct 2024
Altimeter and Static Tests 91.411 Due: Scheduled


  • Aircraft based and hangared at Deer Valley Municipal Airport (KDVT), Phoenix, Arizona
  • Lycoming O-540-A1D5 250 hp engine (overhauled original engine)
  • Complete logs since new, digitized and available for viewing upon request
  • Many upgrades and mods (see "Avionics and Equipment" section)
  • Panel reworked to traditional "6-pack" configuration, nicely done
  • No hail damage
  • Has gear-up damage history from 2010, repaired by reputable shop
  • No known corrosion
  • All ADs complied with

Avionics and Equipment

  • King KX-155 NAV/COMM w/ Glide Slope and Localizer
  • King KX-170B NAV/COMM w/ Localizer
  • STEC-50 2-axis autopilot
  • King KMD-150 GPS/Moving Map slaved to autopilot (VFR only)
  • King KX-64 DME
  • Garmin GPSMap 496 (yoke-mounted)
  • Appareo Stratus ESG Transponder with ADS-B IN/OUT - built-in WiFi to your tablet for traffic and weather
  • PS Engineering PMA8000 dual channel audio panel w/ 4-place intercom and music input
  • EI Digital Engine Monitor
  • EI Digital Tach
  • EI Digital Fuel Flow, fuel pressure, fuel used/remaining
  • EI Altitude Alert and Super Clock w/ OAT and timer
  • Vertical Card Compass
  • Carb temp gauge
  • (2) Stratus dual-port USB charging outlets
  • Pitot heat
  • Comanche 260 dual exhaust
  • HID landing light with pulse system
  • Small nose wheel mod
  • Speed mods including flap-to-fuselage gap seals, wing root fairing mod, and main wheel speed spats
  • Upgraded control yokes, Alt Hold switch on pilot side
  • Single-piece windshield
  • Rosen sun visors

Exterior - 8.5/10 Always hangared, for many years in the desert southwest. Overall the paint is in nice condition, looks good up close, and has shine and depth. I saw only one blemish on the right side upper cowling (see pictures). Tires are in good condition and have lots of life left in them. The Plexiglas windshield and windows are clear. This Comanche has strong ramp presence and catches a lot of attention.

Panel - 7/10 The IFR panel is upgraded and clean. Steam gauges are well organized and functional. The STEC 50 autopilot is a fantastic addition to this cross-country bird, as are the EI Engine Monitor and fuel flow gauges. The Stratus ESG transponder has built-in ADS-B IN, so you don't need to mess with a portable ADS-B receiver - it wirelessly brings traffic and weather directly into your iPad or tablet via WiFi. For most pilots, this panel is sufficient for years to come.

Interior - 7.5/10 The interior is clean and well kept. No rips or tears in upholstery, and it shows only minor wear. Carpet looks very nice, it has minimal (almost no) wear. No odors. Headliner is clean and intact, panels are a dated style but clean and in good shape. Not a lot of aircraft of this era have an interior as presentable as this one. The rear bulkhead area (see pictures below) demonstrate how clean this aircraft is for its age. It's nice to see all the zinc chromate (the greenish-yellow corrosion protection), something Piper was big on when they built these aircraft.

Overall - I believe this Comanche is one of the best "bang for the buck" aircraft available, if your mission is carrying a respectable load and getting somewhere fast. It has a useful load similar to a Cessna 182, yet it'll run circles around the 182 when it comes to cross-country travel. Comparing this Comanche to others on the market, you'll notice that this one is better kept than most.


Logbooks available digitally upon request.

$125,000 USD

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